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Fourth Graders Look Here!

Scroll down to find the title that your teacher has asked you to read. Clicking on the title will take you to the information page that you need to read.

ELA Sites

Headings Use your headings better after this lesson.
Genres Do you know these genres?
Irrelevant Information This lesson will help you narrow down your answer.
Main Ideas Can you find the main idea and supporting details?
Newspapers This will help you find things in the newspaper.
Parts of a Book Preview the parts of a book with this lesson.
Relevant Information This lesson will help you locate the answer to questions.
Story Summary This lesson reviews how to write a summary.

Charlotte's Web Rags to Riches Play Charlotte's Web Be a Millionaire Game.

Capitalizing Review Click to start this powerpoint review.
Capitalizing Sentences How well do you use these rules?
Persuasive Language What is persuasive language?
Persuasive Writing Read this about writing advertisements to get ideas to try in your own writing.
Persuasive Letter Writing Read this about writing letters to the editor to get ideas to try in your own writing.
Sentence Structure This lesson will help you write more interesting sentences.
Writing Vocabulary How can you improve your writing vocabulary? Read here to find out.

Math Sites Math Magician You can practice your basic facts at this site.

Science Sites BBC School's Science This site has several interactive areas, to explore the activities click on the different age groups.
Virtual Forest Click on Photosynthesis on this page to see how photosynthesis works!

Net Smartz Kids Be safe on the internet

Social Studies Sites Geography Read to learn more about geography.

Iroquois Read to find out about Iroquois Indians.
CRQ Longhouses Here is a constructed response question for you to try on longhouses.
Basic Needs Read to find out how the Iroqois took care of their basic needs.
CQR Iroquois Confederacy Try this constructed response question on the Iroquois Confederacy.
The First Inhabitants There is a crossword puzzle here.

Explorers Read to know more about the explorers that came to New York State.

Patriots and Loyalists Here are some of the leaders during the Revolutionary War.
Revolutionary War Period This has information about Native Americans during the Revolutionary War.

Immigration Look here to learn more about immigration.

Government Scavenger Hunt Answer these in complete sentences on a sheet of your paper.
Election Time Read to find out about electing a president.
Ben's Guide to Government Read to find out about our government.

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