mrsoberg Mrs. Oberg
Candace A. French Elementary School Fifth Grade teacher

FYI  Last day of school is May 24
            Early dismissal at 10:45 on May 23 and 24

Reward Parties

Every kid in 5th grade is looking foward to the reward party that we have once a quarter. This is a party for kids who don't get into trouble or move their stick. Some things that make you move your stick are talking, forgetting homework and not following the rules. This quarter, 85% of the time you must not move your stick. At the reward parties we are allowed to play games, talk, and have fun. All kids in 5th grade work hard to go to the reward parties!

by Mollie DiBrell

Field Trips

On May 11 we will be going to Circle Lanes to go bowling since we have learned how to bowl in P.E.  Each student needs a sack lunch.

May 18 is the date for our Fifth Grade Wax Museum.  This is where students study a famous person from American History and "become" that person.  They memorize a paragraph that they have written about that person and recite it when prompted.  While waiting to be prompted, the students remain in a "frozen pose."  All parents, grandparents, etc. are invited to join us on May 18 between 1:30 and 3:00. 

by Kaylee Wood

Parent Volunteers are always welcome!  Please e-mail us if you are willing to work once a week or more grading papers or working with individual students.  Let us know if you have some expertise you would like to share with us!
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