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Week of March 26, 2001

Everett Anderson's Friend is a poem about a boy who is disappointed to find his new neighbors are a family of girls.  To Everett's surprise, he learns that girls can be good at sports and good friends to have.  We will explore the themes of cultural diversity, friendship, and different kinds of homes as we read this selection.

Your child can review and practice vocabulary list words with the games I have linked below. Just click on the Java Games link in the Quia activities section and it will take you directly to the games choices page.  It may be helpful to print out the list of terms (vocabulary list words and definitions used in the games) from the games choices page so your child can refer to them as needed during practice.

Social Studies Connection: Everett Anderson and his friends and family live in a housing project.  What kind of home do you live in?  What other types of homes have you seen in your neighborhood and city?  Can you find out about homes in other places and countries?

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