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WEEKS of SEPTEMBER 25th and OCTOBER 2, 2000
This week's featured author is Carmen Lomas Garza who is proud to be Mexican American.  She painted the pictures which illustrate our story Family Pictures and wrote the text to tell what is happening in each painting.  The text is written both in English and Spanish so the students can compare the written languages.  They will also hear the story read on tape in both languages in class this week.

I have made some games your child can use to practice vocabulary for this story.  The games are linked in the Quia activities section below; just click on the link and it will take you directly to the game choices. It may be helpful to print out the list of terms (vocabulary list words and definitions used in the games) from the game choices page so your child can refer to them as needed during practice.

It is my hope that you will find this class page informative and that your child will enjoy learning and practicing new vocabulary through the games linked below.  I have added a few additional links in the Useful links section for background/enrichment purposes.

Testing on Unit 1 will take place the week of October 2nd. Our students will be evaluated to measure progress in reading comprehension, vocabulary, listening skills, decoding, and sight word recognition.  Your child can review vocabulary for the entire unit by playing the Hangman game that is linked below.

Our culminating activity for the first unit is MEXICAN FIESTA DAY on October 6th.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Family Pictures
Vocabulary Practice Games for Family Pictures
Unit 1- Window to the Sky- Vocabulary Review
Review for Unit 1 test (Oct.5) - Game uses list words from ALL the stories in Unit 1
Useful links
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