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 WEEK of DECEMBER 4, 2000

This week's story, The Goat in the Rug, takes place on a Navajo reservation in Window Rock, Arizona.  The photograph to the left shows the famous natural structure from which Window Rock gets its name.  The story is told through the eyes and with the words of Geraldine, a goat whose wool is used to weave a Navajo rug.  Our students will read about the process of making a Native American wool rug from start to finish.  The Picture Perfect sequence activity linked in the Quia activities section below will check your child's comprehension of the steps in this process.

I have also made some games your child can use to practice vocabulary from The Goat in the Rug.  Click on the Java Games link in the Quia activities section and it will take you directly to the games choices page.  It may be helpful to print out the list of terms (vocabulary list words and definitions used in the games) from the games choices page so your child can refer to them as needed during practice.  I have included a matching game, along with all the usual games, this week.

You will find some additional links that relate to the story in the Useful links section.  I have provided these for fun, background, and enrichment purposes.  I hope you and your child enjoy this week's Class Page; if you do, please send me an email from the link at the top of the page.

My Quia activities and quizzes
The Goat in the Rug
Vocabulary Practice games for The Goat in the Rug
Making a Rug - Sequence Game
Comprehension Activity
Useful links
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