mrspagendarm Mrs. Pagendarm
1. do not speak when I am speaking
2. do not speak when others are speaking
3. respect all guests to the classroom
4. respect other people's property
5. raise your hand to speak

Bathroom/water fountain Protocol
1. Remove you velcroed name from your desk
2. velcro you name on the bathroom/water board
3. push the top of the timer
4. check you name off the class list
5. go to the bathroom/water fountain
6. when you return, get your name tag and bring it back to your desk and turn off the timer

If you are absent
1. present the teacher in charge with a note from your parent or guardian about your absence from school
2. go to the wall with the envelopes labeled with the days of the week
3. take out one of each paper for the day(s) that you were absent
4. ask a friend during free time to explain the work
5. if you are still confused, write down your questions and ask the teacher in charge for help

If you are tardy
1. check you name on the teardy chart and write the time from the digital clock
2. put away your things quietly and begin doing the subject everyone else is working on
3. during free time, find a friend and ask what you missed
4. if you are still unclear what you missed ask the teach in charge

Morning Protocol
1. hang your coat and put away your bookbag
2. look for your morning assignmenton the board in the top left
3. immeditately begin your assignment

Raising your hand
1. when a question is asked, take a moment and think about the answer
2. raise your hand if you think you know the answer

Moving around the room
1. you may move around the room to the different stations only when we are doing the stations
2. if you are at a station and hear the bell, immediately freeze and put everything down and turn and face me

Lining up
1. when it is time to go anywhere we will make two lines
2. if your class number is between one and twelve you are in the left line, if your class number is between 13 and 25 you are in the right line
3. line up in the order of your numbers

Going to lunch
1. if you are buying a lunch, stand in the left line, if your brought a lunch stand in the right line

Materials list
1. five small one inch binders
2. at least one tablet of looseleaf paper
3. at least five pencils
4. one glue stick or jar of glue
5. one small box of crayons
6. one tablet of multi-colored paper
7. binder dividers
8. one homework pad
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