mrsperetz Mrs. Peretz
Signal Hill Elemantary, Half Hollow Hills CSD Third Grade Special Education Teacher
Hello and Welcome to Our class' QUIA web page

Please try the activites I have designed especially for you!
Mrs. Peretz

Reading logs are due each Monday
My Quia activities and quizzes
it word family
Spelling words for Wesley week of 2-28-00
ack word cluster jumble
Spelling words for Anthony,Juan,& Gregory week of 2-28-00
Lesson 10 Words with short u sound
Spelling words for Mario, Alexandra, Max & Joseph
In the Past
Language activity
Using "is" and "are"
Language activity
Matter: session mq31
words in the ag cluster
Spelling words for Juan, Anthony, and Gregory week of 3-6-00
review of short i word families (it,in,ig)
Spelling words for Wesley 3-6-00
matching contractions
Spelling lesson 11- Alexandra, Max, Mario, & Joseph
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