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Aranda Primary School TEACHER: Mrs Maria Reeves
Welcome to our class web page.   I hope you find this useful as a homework help tool and as a means of communication between home and school.

I will update this site again in the middle of the term to keep information as current as possible.

The websites below are some of the sites that I have found that will provide a variety of information to assist students with homework and research that they may be asked to do.

The link at the top will enable parents to email me to let me know if their child is going to be away, set up a meeting or just keep in touch.   I can also attach lost notes!  

The email link will also enable students to email work processed at home when the printer decides to run out of ink at an inopportune time (as they often do).

An outline of the term's program will be given to parents when we meet at the Parent Information evening in Week 4.


1.   We will need magazines for cutting up in the classroom.   This is an ongoing request as they are always useful for all sorts of collage type activities.

2.   If anyone knows someone who worked on the Snowy Mountains Scheme, came out to Australia because their family did, perhaps went to school at Cooma or Jindabyne I would love for the students to be able to hear their stories.   Please email me if you can help with contact details.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Multiplication Facts Review - (copy)
For those of you who need to practice tables - a quick little matching game
Useful links
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