mrsrice Mrs. Rice
Saddleback High School English Teacher
This is Mrs. Rice's summer school web page. This summer the Juniors in my class will be doing a lot of reading. Don't forget your reading logs. Over the July 4th vacation, be sure to read as many pages as you can and record them on your reading log.

Next week there will be a quiz on the prepositions and a test on the two stories we have read.

Try as many of the activities on this page as you want. They will help you prepare for the quiz on Wednesday.

You may complete the poetry term quiz for extra credit. Click the quiz session login button below and enter the following words exactly...
poetry term quiz
My Quia activities and quizzes
Preposition Word Search
Plus other games.
Jumbled Prepositions
Unscramble the Prepositions!
Preposition Hangman
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