mrsshwsst Mrs. Shaw
Hannan Jr. Sr. High History Instructor grades 8,10,11
8Th Grade West Virginia History

This week we will be completing Chapter 5 The Settlers.
Test on Wednesday
By Friday notebooks are due for both chapters 4 and 5

10th Grade World History

This week we will test on chapters 8 and 9 also on Friday we will be taking the Unit 2 Exam
Remember Notebooks for chapters 7-11 are due Oct.22

11th Grade Modern History

We will be taking quizes on Chapters 12 and 13.
Also we will be completing Unit 2 test by Tuesday.
Remember Notebooks for chapters 10-13 are due Oct. 22 

All classes need to refer to their  calendars and class syllabus to keep current on assignments
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West Virginia History
West Virginia History
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