mrstaylorscience Mrs. Taylor
Faubion Middle School
Dear 6th grade Students and Parents,

    Welcome to middle school!  You have an exciting year of science waiting for you.  We will be learning about life sciences, earth sciences, physics, chemistry, and astronomy. We will have two very big and exciting projects this year called "summatives".  All of your classes (math, science, elar, and electives) are involved in the summative.  Summatives present you with a "real world" problem.  That means that these are issues that you might have to deal with sometime in your lifetime.  You will be asked to take steps to "solve" this problem.  For example, remember the hype about Y2K?  We asked students last year to come up with alternative sources of electricity...just in case!  Your teachers have worked hard and are very anxious to help you get ready for these exciting, "real world" problems.  The summative project will not actually begin until late in the semester, but we will be learning things everyday that will help us "solve" our problem. I'll give you a small hint about this year's summatives...

    1st Semester-we know you can't vote, but you might be interested to know what it takes to be a leader and run an entire country.

    2nd Semester-next time you drink a glass of water,enjoy that experience...what would happen if it was your last?

    Well, let's launch this new year and make it the best we can!  Best of luck to all students, parents, and teachers!

Mrs. Taylor
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