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Eastland Middle School This site was made by Rachel Thomason especially for EMS students learning about fractals
Dear students,
    You will be taking a webquest over fractals. You can also go down to games and play some. But first I would do the webquest so you can learn all of the questions. If you are just browsing that's cool too. You can go to some of these sites and check it out. To take the webquest ask Mrs.V for the paper of questions by Rachel Thomason. Don't worry its easy if you follow directions. You can write on the piece of paper too. Enjoy!@#$%%*)__+|~!@$(#&@$()!_^&8
                      Lotsa Love,
                              Rachel  <><
P.S. If you aren't from Eastland and can't get the paper from Mrs. V. heres the questions.

Cynthia Lanius site:
      1.) How old was Euclid when he died?

Don Archer site:
      2.) What kind of camera does Don use?
      3.) What colors are on the Java Fractal Tree?
      4.) Did Tom Hedges, John Derry, or Mark Zimmer work as Chief Systems Architect at Meta Creations for three years?
      5.) Did Tom H., John D., or Mark Z., work for 2 years as Director of Graphic Services for San Francisco?

Library Advance What are Fractals?
      6.) Which phenomenas exhibit self-similarity?
      7.) What space movie did they use a moon fractal as a model?
      8.) What figure has true self-similarity?

The Beginning:
      9.) What did Charles Hermite call the fractals?
      10.) How many years have fractals been around?
      11.) What was Benoit B. Mandelbrot called?
      12.) "Mathematics, rightly viewed, passes not only truth, but supreme beauty" is by whom?
      13.) When did Russell write this?
      14.) What does self-similarity mean?
      15.) "What a wealth, what a grandeur of thought may spring from what slight beginnings" was by whom?
      16.) Who was fractals coined by?
      17.) Growth process of living organisms such as branching patterns of plants is what?
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