mrswenckus Mrs. Wenckus
Stewartstown Elementary
Welcome to Mrs. Wenckus' class page for first grade.  First grade is a very exciting year.  You will be learning to read, write stories and complete math activities.  This page will help us stay in touch and it will contain information on class activities and class news.

1.  Lunch tickets:  $1.35
2.  You will need a backpack.
3.  The following items will be provided:  pencils, crayons,
scissors (if you want to bring your own "Fiskar" scissors work great), and a pencil box.
4.  If your child is absent,please call the office to report
it.  Also, send in a note when they return.
5.  We love birthdays!  We love to celebrate.  Please send in enough for 25 students.  If their birthday falls on a week-end, you can send in treats on Monday or Friday.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.

Reading and Writing:
The school district has purchased a new reading series.  I am very excited about it.  We will be using the Reading Strategies as we learn to read.

Reading Strategies:
1.  Look at the pictures.
2.  Get your mouth ready.
3.  Go back and reread.
4.  Look for word chunks.
5.  Ask yourself:
Does that make sense?
Does that sound right?
Does that look right?

We will use math manipulatives during math. (number line,
touchpoints, blocks etc.)
Math concepts stressed: adding, subtracting, telling time,
money and story problems.
My Quia activities and quizzes
reading strategies
Find the correct answer.
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