mrswilcox3rdgrade Mrs. Wilcox
Espy Elementary
                                                                                                      March 1, 2004
Dear Students and Parents,
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's hard to believe that it is March already. Espy Elementary has McDonald's night this Tuesday, March 3rd from 4:00 - 8:00. The Simple Machines project is due Friday, March 5th. The Espy Spelling Bee is Thursday March 5th. The third grade bee begins at 12:30 in the library. Third quarter ends March 18th. There will be no school on March 19th as it is a teacher work day. Spring break is March 22-26th.
In reading we will continue the unit titled, "Getting the Job Done." This unit focuses on learning  and feeling more competent at work and play. We will work on the following skills: multiple meaning words, summarizing, sequence, homonyms, antonyms, synonyms, realism and fantasy, and context clues. We will also work on silent letters wr, kn, gn, mb, basewords and suffixes -ly,-ness,-ful,-ous,and digraphs ch, sh, th, and ph. We will do numerous projects with this unit.
     In science we will test our chapter on simple machines on March 2nd. The science project on simple machines is due Friday, March 5th. This project counts as a test grade so it is very important that your child completes it and gets it turned in on time. We will next begin a short unit on magnets and energy. We will do some hands on activities to learn the types of materials that magnets do and do not attract. We will also experiment with several types of magnets to determine what happens when we put like and opposite poles together. We will briefly discuss the different types of energy and illustrate each. Our next unit will be space and the solar system. We will do a project that depicts the phases of the moon and a neat project using several materials showing the solar system. We will work on differentiating revolution from rotation. The students will research facts on each of the planets. We will end this unit with Jr. Space Camp. We will do a number of activities having to do with space travel. I will need the help of several parents for this activity. It will be at the end of April after M.A.P. testing. I will send more details later.
    In Social Studies we will finish chapter 3 on Native Americans. The test for this is Monday, March 1st. We will finish models of a Plains Indian community and an Anasazi community. They will be on display in the hall. Stop up and see them. We will have Anasazi bean soup and fry bread on Friday, March 5th. We will next begin a unit on St. Augustine, Florida. We will learn which resources helped the Spanish settlers choose the site that they chose for this community. We will construct a timeline of the major events in St. Augustine's history. We will view several websites on St. Augustine. One offers a virtual tour of Castillo de San Marcos and the old part of St. Augustine.
     In English we will complete a unit on adverbs. We will
then. We will then begin a unit on capitalization skills, contractions and pronouns. We will continue to work on our writing skills. We will work on several prompts to hone our skills for M.A.P. testing.We will continue to work on dictionary skills. We will work on ABC order, guide words, and locating entry words.
     In math we continue to work on multiplication facts. We have introduced all the facts up through the 9's.The students need to memorize these. The multiplication timed tests are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They will count for 50% of your child's grade this quarter, so it is very important that he or she learns them. They will need your help to practice at home. Please use the hints in the multiplication letter that I sent home to help your kids learn their facts. Thanks for your help!
     I have also created games for each of the spelling units which you will find on our Quia class page. Use these and the Cover and Check activity to help you master the March words in the March newsletter.
     Don't forget to study for your weekly geography quiz on Thursday night. Remember there will be a quiz every Friday. On Thursday I will send home a copy of the questions to study. These will count as 1/4 of your Social Studies grade, so it is very important that you study for this each week. Grades lately have been a bit low. Help your child study for these quizzes.
     We will continue with Pizza Hut's "Book It" program. Don't forget to read the required 200 pages this month.Be sure to turn these in before the end of the month.         

                                                Mrs. Wilcox
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