mrwalls Mr. Walls
  Third Grade Teacher
Wow!  How the year has flown by!
Only seven days left.

Just a few reminders:  Be sure you have your library books turned in.  Also, be sure you have all of your hard cover school books at school.

May 24th is Moving Up Day, 8:15-8:45
May 24th is also the Obstacle Course Day
May 25th is Field Day and the last day of school
Regular Dismissal Time of 2:55

School Work:

Spelling:  Unit #36, Last Unit, Last Test will be Friday.

Math:  Finishing up with multiplication...5 x 245=?

English:  Doing Research Reports and then presenting them using Power Point 2000

Reading:  Finishing the story "The Wreck of the Zephyr"

Social Studies:  How has transportation changed over the last couple hundred years?  Just ask a 3rd Grader.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spelling Unit 32
Study for this week's Spelling Test. Tests Wednesday and Friday.
Spelling Unit 33 Word Search
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