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October 17, 2000
*Write down the QUIA web address
*go to the site
*take the root word quiz
*if you pass the quiz
*raise your hand
*and I will record your grade
then you can explore the interactive section of National Geographic

Dear students,

The following is a list of homework that is due each Friday morning.
1.Signed Planner
*Your planner must be complete with all the information discussed Monday morning and any additional assignments given throughout the week.  Your parent/guardian must sign the planner.

2. Reading Log
*You must read for 30 minutes Monday night through Thursday night and complete a brief summary of your reading.  Your parent must sign your reading log.

3. Root words
*You must define each vocabulary word given during the morning bell work, write the root word that each word was derived from, and the definition of the root word.  This activity is done in class, but if you come to class tardy or are absent you must make up the activity at home.  If you do not have a dictionary at home, you may borrow a class dictionary.

4. Spelling or Grammar Sheet
*If you are on the spelling program, you must practice 24 words a week on the spelling worksheet and write 24 sentences on the back of the worksheet.  Use words from the Word Bank of the most common words, and use the words that you missed during the Monday morning Spelling Challenge.  

If you are on the grammar packet, complete one worksheet a week.

5. Spelling Challenge Words x 10
*If you are not on the spelling program, you must still practice each word you miss during the spelling challenge.

6. Weekly packet
*The weekly packet varies.  For example,  it could be a comma packet, a capitalization packet, or an autobiographical writing activities packet.  Each packet is designed to focus on completing many activities for one learning need.

7. Research Notes
*When we are writing a research paper, students are required to take at least one page of notes per week on their topic.  The notes may be derived from an encyclopedia, the internet, books, magazine articles, etc. as choosen by the student.  Sources should vary so that students learn how to take notes from a variety of sources.  

The following information is a list of weekly tests and tips for studying.

1. Each Thursday we will have a comprehension test, a vocabulary test, and a short answer/paragraph style test on the story that was assigned Monday morning. Students should review the story each Wednesday evening.  Also, story vocabulary words should be reviewed.  I will give the students the short answer/paragraph writing question in advance so that students can prepare for that portion of the test. Students have a literature book at home, and therefore have no excuse for the lack of studying.

2. Each Friday morning students will complete a Friday Review Quiz.  This quiz is comprised of the root words that  we studied during the week, ten spelling words based on  the Monday morning Spelling Challenge, grammatical questions based on the weekly grammar lesson, as well as geography memorization questions. Our goal is to expand our vocabulary and use of synonyms by learning root words.  Another goal is to memorize at least ten countries from each continent and the U.S. states and capitals.  We will also memorize poems, the beginning of the Declaration of Independence, and the beginning of the Constitution of the United States.

3. History tests will be given on Friday as well.  But, often we will not have a history test every week. Instead, we will often skip a week in order to further prepare for a more comprehensive test.

If you have any questions about the following information, please feel free to email me at any time.

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