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Minuteman RHS World History I and II
Welcome to World History!  I teach both parts I (freshmen) and II (sophomores).  Here are some general guidelines for my class:

Please bring your ONE-SUBJECT notebook to class every day.  We will be using this for everything -- notes, assignments, homeworks, you name it.  You will be graded on the notebook, and if you lose it, you have to recreate it.

Also, we will be using our textbooks frequently.  You will get a copy of either World History:  Connections to Today or World History:  The Human Experience.  Please have it available to you by keeping it with you or in the designated area in our room.

Please check this web site regularly for updates, assignments, and review games.  If you miss a day of school or have any questions, feel free to email me by clicking on the "send email" command highlighted at the top of this page.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Sophomore Rules Test
This will help gr. 10 students learn our rules
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