msdabbelt2 Ms. Dabbelt
St. Aloysius Gonzaga

January 9, 2001

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend!  And for the AM class, an extended weekend!  For School Delays and Closings…follow Oak Hills School District!

Our schedule will be changing slightly from the one on our January calendar (b/c of the AM not having class on Monday).  This week we started our snow unit…and it will continue into next Wednesday.  On Thursday and Friday we will talk about and do activities for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.  Monday, January 21st we will begin our rhyme unit.  We will work with rhymes…books, nursery rhymes and so on.  Monday, January 28th we will begin our dinosaur unit.  Sorry, about the confusion!

Homework:  Letter Practice…K, L, M, N, O, P.  It is very important that you let your child do this on his/her own.  Explain the directions to them but let them do it by themselves.  I want to see what they can do!

Math Links: 23-24

Both Due: Monday, January 14th.

Field Trip Possibility: Aronoff Center for the Arts, Proctor and Gamble Hall
                          March 11, 2002 9:45 am
                          Steven Kellogg’s: The Three Sillies 
                          Length: 65 minutes
                          Price: $5 per seat
The problem is transportation: Because we already used the PTO’s bus funding, we would have to pay for the entire cost of the bus.  If all 35 students attended, it would be an additional $5 per student.  This field trip would be a neat experience for the students; however, I want to get an idea of who would permit their child to go, and who could chaperon before I make any definite plans. Please fill out the attached sheet and return to me no later than Monday, January 14th. 
Thank you,
Amy Dabbelt

Student Name: ____________

__Yes, I would permit he/she to attend the field trip
__No, he/she would not be permitted to attend the field trip.

Parent Name: _____________

__I would be willing to chaperon
__I would not be able to chaperon at this time.

Signature:_______________   Date:_________

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