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*******Week of 6/5-6/9********   !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quiz 6/5/000 !!!!!!!!!
6/5  Finish Presentations
Quiz Tomorow

*******Week of 5/29-6/2********   !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quiz 6/5/000 !!!!!!!!!
6/2  Presentations  HW Finish "Altered Fates" Questions

6/1  Review/Grade Classification Lab  Review old notes
Article Presentations will begin tomorrow
"Altered Fates" article Passed out
HW Questions 1-7

5/31 Classification Lab questions Due 6/1

5/30  Finish classification lab.  Due tomorrow.

5/29 No School

***** Week of 5/22-5/26 *******

5/25-5/26 GSE exams

5/24 Prep for GSE and continue working on classification lab

5/23 Bird Presentations and beginning of a classification lab

5/22 Today we will finish the bird adaptations lab

Tuesday 5/16/00
Mechanisms of Evolution

-Adaptations of a species are determined by the genes contained in the DNA
-Individual organisms do not evolve
-Populations evolve

By the process of Natural Selection
-Proposed by Charles Darwin as his explanation for a change in population
-"Traits most favorable for a specific environment to survive will be passed
on the next generation."
-Next generation population made up largely of offspring from parents with
the most favorable variations (ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE-Strong being those individuals with the best adaptations for that enviroment)

Natural Selection states that....
1. More offspring are produced than can survive
2. In any population, slight variations will occur
3. Individuals with variations favorable for a particular environment are
more likely to survive and reproduce
4. Organism of the survivors will make up a larger proportion of the

*Depending on the environment after many generations a population may come
to look entirely different

*Here is the assignment for 9th Biology students.  This is due 5/18/00.  Please write neatly (or better yet-type it!!!!!!) Have assignment ready to be turned in after the bell. (link at bottom)

List the 5 major misconceptions of evolution and why they in actually are not misconceptions. (link at bottom)

Review the Evidence for Evolution

Click "Paths of evolution"
Summarize the paths of evolution.  (Diagrams with small paragraph is ok)

Click "Natural Selection"
1. What is a gene pool?
2. Explain the struggle for survival
3. Explain fitness.
4. Summarize Natural selection
5. Explain Speciation

Click "diagrams of evolutionary relationships"
Be familiar with each diagram

Click "Summary of the process of Evolution"
Diagram this summary for your notes

we will be doing a Natural Selection Lab and a Human Variation Lab

Be prepared for a warm-up
Useful links
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