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Bell Jr High Biology and science 8 educator
Week 6/5-6/9 ******* QUIZ 6/7/00 *************
6/5   review Punnett Squares
Begin Life Skills Unit

Week 5/30 - 6/2        ******* QUIZ 6/7/00 *************
6/2  Reading pg 149-151 Course 3 "predicting off-spring"  Answer questions
Practice Punnett Squares
6/1  Warm - up trait study
Grade quizzes
5/31 BNSG Video "Genetics"  15 facts
Trait Study
HW Trait study of Parents

5/30 finish body systems posters, present in class.  Must be present for credit. 

5/29 No School

Week 5/22-5/26       5/26 !!!!!!!!!!QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/26

5/26 Quiz!!!  begin life size body systems poster

5/25 Today we finished up the organ systems project.  Tomorrow the Quiz.  Good luck studying!!! 
HW Turn in the last of the organ systems project.

5/24 Today we are finishing our research into organ systems.  In class tomorrow we will be filling out the worksheets.  Final project DUE AT THE END OF CLASS ON 5/25!!!!

5/23 Today we begin looking at 4 different organ systems.  Use the links below to find information to complete the worksheet that was given in class.  2 systems due by 5/24

5/22 Today we are finishing the microslides.  After microslides complete a worksheet "How do organs work together"  Write out all questions and complete the "Answer these" and "now try these" 
HW- finish worksheet

5/19/00 Today we are going to be looking at the microslides again.  No homework
Due Monday  5/22

5/18/00  Today we are going to play "mitosis rummy" with the cards that we made
in class the past 2 days.

5/17/00  Today there will be a sub.  A video on the human body will be shown.  Asssignment:  Take notes on the video
My Quia activities and quizzes
Cell Review Hangman
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Cell Review
QUIZ HELP!!!! Win a trip for 2 to Paris!!!!
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