Period 1 Ms. Darlington
Silver Lakes Middle School 7th Grade World Geography Instructor

Hi students,

I will be using this website to communicate with you outside of school.

You can look on this webpage to find interesing websites about what we are studying in class.

I will also be adding activities to the web so that my students can practice the information we are learning in class.

If you would like to get in touch with Ms. Darlington to ask a question, share a great find, or to comment on something you found interesting, just click on the link above.

There is a link to a calendar above. Click on that to find and remind yourself about upcoming events in class.

Have fun and explore, explore, explore!!

Homework Assignments:


Chapter 6, Section 2 Quiz:

1. What is the capital of Mexico?

2. What peninsula is Mexico a part of?

3. Define ejidos.

4. What do you call crops made primarily to sell?

5. What term refers to the church outposts in colonial Mexico?

Scroll down and take a look at the interesting facts about the AIDS epidemis in Africa
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Asia's Physical Features
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