msflowersresroom Ms. Flowers
John H. West Elementary School Special Education Teacher
Welcome 5th Graders! You have just entered the pathway to success. Ms. Flowers will update this website on a weekly basis. Included
in this website will be:

1) Spelling words                5) Language Arts
2) Vocabulary words           6) Review Games
3) Reading drills                7) and more!!!!!
4) Social Studies

Enjoy and make learning fun!!!

Ms. Flowers

     THE WEEK OF December 18, 2000 - December 22, 2000

 M   E   R   R   Y     C   H   R   I    S   T   M   A   S

    H   A   P   P   Y     H   A   N   N   U   K   A   H

                               A   N   D

  H   A   P   P   Y     N   E   W     Y   E   A   R!!!!!!

                          HAVE A GREAT VACATION
My Quia activities and quizzes
Recipe for Reading Decoding Drills: Part I
Recipe for Reading: Decoding short /i/.
Short /i/ words
Chapter 7: Social Studies (Grade 5)
A New Goverment
IDITAROD DREAM By: Ted Wood (5th Grade)
Reading: Theme 2
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