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John H. West Elementary School Special Education Teacher
Welcome 4th Graders! You have just entered the pathway to success. Ms. Flowers will update this website on a weekly basis. Included in this website will be:

1) Spelling words                       5) Language arts
2) Vocabulary words                  6) Review games
3) Reading drills                       7) and more!!!
4) Social Studies

Enjoy and make learning fun!!

Ms. Flowers

          Week of November 27, 2000- December 1, 2000

Spelling Words

1) curve          
2) learned  
3) curly
4) pearl
5) purse
6) further
7) turtle
8) urgent
9) burning
10) search
11) earth
12) earned

Vocabulary Words

1) narrator:  a person or character who tells a story.

2) offstage: the part of a stage the audience cannot see.

3) acrobat: a person skilled at tumbling and other physical feats.

4) encourage: to urge or inspire.

5) fragile: easily broken; delicate.

6) exhausting: tiring.

7) sustenance: something that gives strength, such as food.

8) conspiracy: a secret plan of two or more people: a plot.
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