mshebertsclass Miss Hebert
Stockard School of Excellence
Daily Class Schedule

8:30-8:45 Journal Activity
8:45-8:50 Attendance/ Lunch Count
8:50-9:00 "What can I do to make the world better today?"
9:00-10:30 Centers (reading group, art center, listening center, world discovery)
10:30-10:50 Recess
10:50-11:00 Read-Aloud Book
11:00-11:45 Math Groups
11:45-12:00 Student Read Aloud
12:00-12:50 Lunch and Recess
12:50-1:50  Science Lab
1:50-2:30   Creative Art Session
2:30-2:45   Clean-up
2:45-2:50   Homework Assignment/Pack
2:50-2:55   Sing Class Song/Afternoon Ann.
2:55        Dismissal

Upcoming Events

**March 3,2000  Spanish Food Day  
It is not too late to sign-up

**March 17, 2000  Free Dress Day  
Wear something green, Prize awarded for most creative costume!

Thanks :)

--Special thanks to the room mothers for the wonderful Valentine's Celebration.  The children and I really had a great time.

--Thank You to all of my students for the cards and flowers and special things you gave me.  You really touched my heart!
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