mshorton Ms. Horton
Templeton Middle School Social Studies Teacher
7th grade

Monday - Crusades handout and notes from the overhead
Homework:  Ch.11 Lesson 3, Questions 1-5, and key terms.

Tuesday - Review homework, do Crusades activity in class.
Homework:  Complete handout on the Crusades.  Review the Oral Exam questions for next Tuesday.

Wednesday - Prepare for the TMS Crusades on Thursday by answering important questions for your group.
Homework:  Study the Summary given to you in class in order to prepare for a quiz on Friday.

Thursday -  TMS Crusades against Mr. Spalding's classes.
Homework:  Review the Summary of the Middle Ages and the Power of the Church.  

Friday -  Review for Monday's QUIA exam and Tuesday's Oral Exam by taking a quiz on the material covered by Chapter 10, Lessons 1&2 and Chapter 11, Lessons 1,2,&3.  

Monday, 3/13 - QUIA test on the Middle Ages and the Power of the Church in the computer lab.
Homework:  Study the Oral Exam Questions for tomorrow.

Tuesday 3/14 - Oral exam in class.

Practice Test is available under the session name:
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