msisley1 Ms. Isley
American Humanities English (Periods 1-4)
Sonora High School

Weekly Assignments:

    Monday, 24 April:  Malcom X Interview

    Tuesday, 25 April:  Civil Rights Newspaper
                        **(Extra Credit Movie--6pm)**

    Wednesday, 26 April:  Civil Rights Newspaper

    Thursday, 27 April:  Civil Rights Newspaper (Due at
                         the end of 2nd/4th period)

    Friday, 28 April:  Book check out; "The 60s"

************************PLEASE REMEMBER********************

    1. Any work missed because of absence(s) must be made
    up within the same amount of time as the absence(s).
    (EXAMPLE: If you are absent on Tuesday, your make up
    work is due by Thursday, or it is late!)

    2.  Late work is accepted at any time (up to the last
    week of the quarter), but is only worth a MAXIMUM of

    3.  ALL of you work must be turned in to collect Extra

    4.  I will check my e.mail every Tuesday.
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