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Springdale Elementary
I hope you had a restful long weekend.  Here's what's going on in science:

We are currently studying the Human Body, beginning with Body organization and cells. Be ready for some exciting activities and really interesting info:) 

Upcoming quiz: TBA (Be prepared for a quiz or assessment on)
    Cells and Body organization

Upcoming TEST: TBA
    Cells and Body Organization  (Module A; chapter 3)
    The Nervous System  (Module E;  chapter 2; and notes)
    The Cardiovascular System  (notes)

Science Fair Due update:
     Congratulations to all first place Science Fair winners.  You will all have the opportunity to go to the County Science Fair.  Please make sure that all paperwork is returned to your science teacher on Tuesday, and have your display, log book, and report spruced up and ready to compete.  We're all very proud of your hard work!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Human Body Games: Cells
Have fun!!
Cell and Body Systems Quiz: session cell/body system quiz
Pass this quiz to win a prize!
Matter Quiz: session matter quiz-jefferson
for Ms. Blackwell's Sixth Graders :)
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