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During the month of May, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the Blake Middle School through various transition activities. On May 7, Blake Middle School will give the students an "introduction" to the school and, on May 10, Mrs. Mongiello, principal of Blake Middle School, will conduct "Book Talks" with fifth grade classes.  On May 29, sixth grade students will visit the classroom to answer questions fifth grade students may have about the middle school.

Friday, May 11 - Early dismissal

Monday, May 14 - Parent Information Night at Blake Middle                  School

May 21-22 - Grade 5 MCAS

Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day

Thursday, May 31 - D.A.R.E. Graduation at Medfield High                    School

We will have our Chapter 12 test on Thursday, May 3 which will conclude our study of fractions.  During the month of May, we will cover customary measurement as well as geometry.  Though these topics are different, students will use the skills they have acquired throughoutthe year. 

The students did a remarkable job on their PowerPoint presentations.  They researched a planet and, with a small group of students, organized and created a PowerPoint project.  They used the visual piece as an addition to the oral presentation.
We have just started discussing the Animal Kingdom.  The class participated in a group activity in which they had to classify animals into groups without speaking.  They saw the many different ways in which we classify animals.  We have discussed the classification system, and we will begin by discussing the invertebrates.

The biographies are amazing. I am slowing reading all of them and learning a lot about many of you.  The students really worked hard at planning their time during this lengthy project.
Let the poetry begin!  The students have started thinking about things in their lives about which they may write a poem. On Wednesday, we will start our poetry stations.  Rather than simply trying to write poems, students will have the opportunity to explore poetry, feel and hear the power of words, and discover their own creativity by reading poems, searching for metaphors and similes, and turning ordinary things into poetic things.


Again, thank you for helping the children plan their time during this busy time of year.  I have been trying to give them assignments on Monday, so that they can plan their time during the week.  This is a skill which needs constant reinforcement.
Have a wonderful May.  Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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