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Millard North High School Student Teacher Spanish I
Welcome to class page of Señorita Mozeika.  This is also the class page for Señora Saunders.  This is how it works.

Each activity is labeled with a Chapter number and a brief discription of what the game works with (such as vocabulary, grammar, or some special topic.)  To choose an appropriate game, click on a game that is labeled with the chapter that you are working in.  I suggest that you start with games that work with vocabulary (Java Games in the red oval are good ones to start with.) Then when you are comfortable with those, move on to the grammar games, or the comprehensive games such as Rags to Riches (in the peach oval) or Challange Board (in the green oval.)

Good luck and remember to have fun!!!!

Señorita Mozeika
My Quia activities and quizzes
Capítulo 2- Time
Capítulo 2- AR verbs
Capítulo 2- pronombres
Capítulo 2- Vocabulario
Capítulo 3 vocabulary
Capítulo 3- Sports and pasttimes
Capítulo 3- Jeopardy
Capítulo 4- vocabulario
Capítulo 4- Food
Capítulo 5- Opuestos (opposites)
Capítulo 5-vocabulario
Capítulo 5- Números
Capítulo 5- Números
Capítulo 6- Vocabulary
Capítulo 6 - Vocabulary
Capítulo 7- Vocabulario
Capítulo 7- Grammar
Capítulo 8- Vocabulario
Capítulo 8- Grammar
Capítulo 9- Vocabulary
Capítulo 9- gustar, encantar, doler
Capítulo 9- Grammar
Capítulo 9- Sentences
Capítulo 10- Vocabulary
Meses del Año
Días de la Semana
Repaso- Primer Paso a Capítulo 3
Quiz practice
Quiz practice: session quiz practice
Repaso- Primer Paso a Capítulo 3
Repaso- Capítulo 4 a Capítulo 6
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