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                           UNIT 26

      Many towns in America set aside a day or week to
   honor a famous person or the birth of their town.  Not
   Kennebunkport, Maine.  The people of this town honor
   their town dump!
      Every July they have a Trash Parade and a Dump
   Week.  They even choose a beauty queen to lead the
   parade.  Usually she is dressed in old tin cans and
   newspapers.  Thirty floats made of junk help call atten-
   tion to the town and its dump.
      The town dump is 200 years old.  People are so proud
   of their dump they even make paintings of it.  The people
   remark, "We have done little to iinprove our dump.  We
   like it just the way it is.  "

                         UNIT 27

   Most Americans love to bite into a nice, juicy ham-
burger.  Hamburger sandwiches are so popular that you
can buy them ahnost everywhere.  Do you know how the
very first hamburger sandwich was made?
   Louis Lassen had a little restaurant called "Louis'
Lunch Wagon.  " Business was very good back in the
year 1900.  Louis used to serve a lot of steak sandwiches,
but there were always pieces of steak left over.  Louis
decided to chop them up and make small hamburgers.
Some of his customers were in a hurry so he put the ham-
burgers between slices of toast.  He had made the first
hamburger sandwich.
   Today, if you go to New Haven, Connecticut, stop at
Louis' for a hamburger.

                            UNIT 28

      Many blind people have Seeing Eye dogs to guide
    them, but not 69-year-old Elsie Schneider.  She has a
    seeing eye cat called Rhubarb!

      Mrs. Schneider said, "At first I had the cat on a ten-
    foot leash.  It would take me to the trash cans and out to
    the clothesline.  Now, it knows exactly what to do-
    even without a leash.  Rhubarb guides me down the
    stairs," said Mrs. Schneider.  "It even gives me a little
    meow if I come too close to the wall or door.  "

      Rhubarb loves Mrs. Schneider.  You can also be sure
    that Mrs. Schneider treasures Rhubarb-her seeing eye

                          UNIT 29

    The largest airplane ever built in the world only flew
once.  Its wings were 320 feet across, and it cost forty
million dollars to bufld!

    Howard Hughes was a very rich man who liked to do
unusual things.  One day, he got the idea to build the big-
gest airplane in the world and fly it himself.  For years,
workers toiled to make the plane.  Finally on November
2, 1947, it was ready.  Howard Hughes got into the
eight-engine plane and took off.  The plane, called "Her-
cules," only flew seventy feet high and only traveled for
one thousand yards.

   The largest plane ever built was never flown again.

                         UNIT 30

    Does lightning frighten you?  If it does, be glad that
  you don't live near the Catatumbo River in Venezuela.
  There is lightning every night, all year long near this
    As soon as the sun goes dow%the lightning starts.
  Every few minutes there is anot er flash, and it con-
  tinues all night long.  When the next night comes, the
  lightning begins again.  This has been happening for
  hundreds of years.  Sometimes the lightning is so bright
  that it can be seen as far as two hundred miles away.
  What a show!
    Many people are afraid of lightning, but the people
  who live near the Catatumbo River are used to it.  It
  doesn't bother them at all.
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