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Actividades para la clase de EspaƱol.

Nivel 2 = Level 2 Spanish


My Quia activities and quizzes
Nivel 3 reflexive verbs-meanings practice
Level ONE conjugating ar, er, and ir verbs
Nivel 3 ch 2 Reflexive or Non-reflexive sentences
nivel 3 reflexive rules
NIvel 3- Indirect Object Pronouns
Nivel 3 - Direct Object Pronouns
Nivel 3 Preterite Practice
Preterito vs. Imperfecto
Regular ar, er, ir conjugations
Nivel 3-chapter 3-irregular future tense
Nivel 3-presente progresivo-los participios presentes
Nivel 3-chapter 3-regular future tense
Preterito vs. el Imperfecto
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