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Review of Systems (ROS) Just a student for now.
These games are based on the Medical Terminology Book: The Language of Health Care starting with Chapter 2.  Check back for further chapters.

NOTICE:  These games are for everybody to enjoy.  To me, it doesn't matter what school you go to or if you don't go to school.  I just hope everybody enjoys the games and has some fun learning along the way.  


Another fellow student, Anne Bergam, and I are creating games for other students, but anybody may play them, like I stated above.  Anne was the one that started this and I offered to help her out.  I've listed her worksheet link at the bottom, so make sure and check out her site.  If you happen to find any errors, please email me so I can make the changes. Hope everybody has fun with it!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Medical Terminology Ch 2, Prefixes
Medical Terminology Ch 2, Combining Forms
Medical Terminology Ch 2, Suffixes
Chapter 4, Medical Record
Medical Terminology, Ch 5, Integumentary System (Combining Forms)
Medical Terminology, Ch 5, Integumentary System (Other Terms)
Chap 8 Lab & Blood Stuff
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