mtecinc Lizzy
Medical Transcription M-Tec Student
October, 17, 1999

Hi guys!  I hope you're all having fun learning medical terminology with Quia games.  I know I am!

Good Luck with your studying!


September 12, 1999

Hello fellow M-Tec students!  

I was lucky enough to follow Carol’s link to the Quia web site and behold the treasures I found.  I have been having difficulty memorizing root words, prefixes and suffixes.  This learning tool has been extremely helpful to me.  Within a days time, I created and “played” with all of the words in Medical Terminology: A Systems Approach, chapters 1-2.  I am so excited about my growth and the potential this web site holds for all of us.  I am willing to share any learning tools that I create with anyone of my fellow students.  You have my complete permission.  

Additionally, if you discover any errors in my input, please send me an email regarding the error so that I can resolve it immediately.  Besides, that’s what this is all about: people helping people.

As other students share their Quia Learning Tools, we can add the links to this, or a similar page.

Have fun, and learn tons!!!!


*note: MT: A Systems Approach refers to :

Medical Technology: A Systems Approach
Fourth Edition
Gylys & Wedding
My Quia activities and quizzes
Session 2
MT: A Systems Approach, chapters 1-2, ROOT WORDS
Session 2
MT: A Systems Approach, chapters 1-2 SUFFIXES
Session 2
MT: A Systems Approach, chapter 2, surgical suffixes denoting incisions
Session 2, Chapter 5, Directional Terms
MT: A Systems Approach, chapter 5, directional terms
Useful links
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