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Please check the calendar to see information on long-term assignments, special events, and important dates.

Fall has arrived and the days are getting cooler.  We released two of the Monarch butterflies that formed chrysalises for us so they can begin their migration to Mexico.  They were both male and we named them COMIC-E and Buttercup.  Ask your student about their knowledge of the life cycle of the butterfly.
We continue to study sound in science and will be finishing this unit in October and then begin the study of light.

NECAP testing will occur during the first two weeks of October.  Make sure your child has a good breakfast and plenty of rest during this time.  Reassure them that their best effort is all that is asked of them and to not worry about these assessments.

Activities will be updated periodically that enhance our curriculum and assist students in practicing skills.  Please e-mail any suggestions or comments to

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