mulletz Captain Mullet
Billy Ray Cyrus Barber's College .com
Welcome to the Billy Ray Cyrus Barbers college Home Page!!!
Over The next few weeks I will teach you how to cut and groom your own Mullet, and share the Mullet spirit with the rest of the world, so that by 2005, Mullets will dominate the Earth.

All visitors receive a free Bon Jovi "slippery when wet" vinyl on their first visit!!!

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enter either: craig, trhsmusic, trhs, trhs2,tr98 and enter your name to see how you rate against the master!
My Quia activities and quizzes
TRHS quiz
easy quiz
another easy quiz
Mullet Attack!!
kill the mullet
Mix N match
i think that this game is shit, you might disagree
DJ Mulletstick's Hangman Central
If you get hung, you must grow a mullet!
craig browns life
what colour is craigs g-string?does he have manboobs?
TRHS music quiz
cool tunes to bust the electric boogaloo to
TRHS Knowledge quiz 98
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