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Your challenge is to read through a number of newspaper articles to determine how information is used and abused worldwide.

Step 1:
Using a standard dictionary, determine what the definition of propaganda is.  Write it on the top of Handout #1. 

See the link about propaganda to refresh your memory about what makes something misleading.

Refer to your notes to be sure you understand what makes an article newsworthy.  Write these notes on Handout #2.

Step 2:
Using the links on the bottom of this page, find five different newspapers from at least three different countries.  From these newspapers, find one article that is local to the country where the newspaper originates.
PRINT these articles! 
You will need to submit the original articles as part of your final project.

Step 3:
With the hard copies of your five articles, highlight words and phrases that are inflammatory or misleading. 
Refer to your list of WEASEL WORDS to determine when a sentence is leading you in a certain direction.  These words are generally used to convince a reader of a certain point of view.

Step 4:
Fill in Handout #1 using the information you have highlighted in each of the five articles you chose.

Step 5:
Write a rough draft of an essay stating your conclusions about how the news media uses mis-information to influence the populous.  This paper should be written using either the OPINION ESSAY format or in the PRO-CON ESSAY format.  Refer to your class notes to determine which of these best fits your needs. 
Be sure you follow the rules of the essay pattern you have chosen to follow!

Step 6:
A final draft should be submitted on a disk in Microsoft Word (word processing).  The text must be black, Times New Roman, font size 12.  The length of this essay should be a minimum of three pages and must be submitted with each of the articles including all your notes in the margins and the highlighted text.   Please submit Handouts #1 and #2 with your final draft(on disk)as well.

Comment on a few of the posters from World War II (see the last link on the list provided). These comments should be on a separate page and should be direct and to the point.

Useful links
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