multitask Professor Barrera
Strayer University CIS 105 Instructor

1. You should be on the Windows 95 desktop.

2. Use your mouse and right click to "New". (you will see a folder appear name it "CIS 105" Then hit enter

3. Find any image from the Internet (suggestion

4. Right click on the image of your choice.  Click on Save image as or Save picture as

5. Save the image in your CIS 105 folder (remember to go to desk top to find it) Make sure your "Save Type" is "bitmap or JPEG" (Go to File then save)

6. Give this file your name

7. Minimize the Internet once your document is saved

8. Go to Accessories from the start button.  Choose "Paint"

9. Open your file. (Go to File then open)(Remember to go to desk top)

10. For the purpose of Chapter 9 you are done.

11. Go back to your desk top and delete the folder CIS 105

12. You may choose to do more with this activitiy in the future, be sure to get the notes on Paint Shop Pro before leaving.
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