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Last Updated 5/05/09

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Please remember that I will try to add homework as often as possible and as soon as I can, but assignments that are given in class are STILL the responsibility of the students to complete. Thank you for your understanding.

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WOW!!! The school year is almost over... BUT NOT DONE!!! It is very important that you direct your student that the year is NOT over. We are hoping for the best end to the year.

As far as the end goes, we have a poetry project due this Friday, May 8. Make sure that this is complete and turned in on time. If it is not, the project will AUTOMATICALLY receive a grade of 50%. There will be NO LATE WORK accepted.

This has been a fabulous year and I hope that you have been pleased with the job I have done. I know that your students have taught me immensely.

Thank you again for everything you do for Liberty Park and I look forward to a great end to the school year.

Go Lancers,

Tre' Munger

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Sentence structure practice game
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