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Dalton Middle School Social Studies
Welcome to the new school year. There are several changes taking place at Dalton Middle School...and that's the first change. Instead of Dalton Jr. High School we are now Dalton Middle School. Another change is that we are now on a 6-week grading period. What that means about the things you will find here is that games and quizzes will focus on the material we cover during each grading period.

During the first 6-week grading periods we will be learning and reviewing the following items:

1) Country & Capital cities of the world. We will start with the countries of North America and South America.

2) Geography Terms which will be kept in your notebook. We have classroom tests every 5 days.

3) Social Studies Skills like reading and creating graphs, charts, diagrams. We will also interpret editorial cartoons, maps, and written material.

The games and quizzes here will help students to learn the countries/capitals and geography terms.

Have fun and learn while playing.

Mr. Murry
My Quia activities and quizzes
Vocabulary - Week 1
Geography Terms
Influencial People
40 of the most influencial people of the last millennium
Countries & Capitals
Countries & Capitals
Earth's Physical Geography
World of Geography Terms
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