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    In our previous chapter, we were introduced to equations.  We learned how to solve and graph these equations.  Each equation we graphed was a line.  We will now look more closely at the graphs of such lines. 
My Quia activities and quizzes
Section 3:1 Question Sheet: session 3:1 questions
"Applying Rates" Questions
Section 3:2 Question Sheet: session 3:2 questions
"Exploring Direct Variation" Questions
Section 3:3 Question Sheet: session 3:3 questions
"Finding Slope" Questions
Section 3:4 Question Sheet: session 3:4 questions
"Finding Equations of a Line" Questions
Section 3:5 Question Sheet: session 3:5 questions
"Writing an Equation of a Line" Questions
Section 3:6 Question Sheet: session 3:6 questions
"Modeling Linear Data" Questions
"Graphing Linear Equations" Vocabulary
Chapter Thee Vocabulary Game!
Chapter Three Challenge
Check your knowledge of Chapter Three!
Section 3:5 Steps to Write an Equation
Notes for Section 3:5
3:1 "Applying Rates"
Get familiar with "Applying Rates"!
3:2 "Exploring Direct Variation"
Get familiar with "Exploring Direct Variation"!
3:3 "Finding Slope"
Get familiar with "Finding Slope"!
3:4 "Finding Equations of a Line"
Get familiar with "Finding Equations of a Line"!
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