Hello Students: My name is Thomas Willing.

I was born in 1731 and I died in 1821 so I am only pretending to talk to you. I want to talk to you about my city. It was first named after me, Willing, but then in 1739  the name was changed to Wilmington by the King of England.  By the way, when all of this was happening, England was in charge of our country.

While we talk, you will learn  about my city. I want you to put your geographers glasses on and think about my city and how important  the water near my city was to the men and woman who lived and worked with me.

Before you can imagine what things were like for me, I want to find out where you live and go to school.

Task One:

I need to know where you are now. Go outside with your teacher and figure out where you are. Draw me a map of your school. Your teacher will give you a map so you can copy some of the names of the streets.  Remember- when I created your city, some of those streets did not exist. We rode around on horses you know..

Task Two:

I want to know how to get to your house in case I decide I want to visit.  I want you to write a description of how to get to your house from school. When you are taking the bus home, pay attention to the streets. Imagine I was alive. Do any of the streets look old? I can tell you a hint, they will be very narrow if they are as old as I am.

Task Three:

Now you are going to go back and add photos of the water that is near your house or near school. You may have seen these little creeks and never paid any attention. Remember, there is something really important about water and my city. If you look at the picture of someone on the Brandywine River below, you will get an idea of how I got around.

The Brandywine River or Brandywine Creek is a 60-mile waterway flowing from southeastern Pennsylvania, through northern Delaware, and finally into the Delaware River. It is a very small waterway, but one which is important to the history of the region.

We are going to learn more about it as we go along.

Your teacher is going to take you back outside again one day. She is going to spin you around until you are dizzy and then ask you to point to "Rodney Square".

If you are scratching your head and you do not know what Rodney Square looks like, click on the link below.   Ahhhhh.. you may say to yourself, it is right across from the library.

By the time you finish this lesson, I want you to know where you go to school- on the map. I want you to know where you live- on the map.

I want you to know which way the part of the City where Rodney Square is located from where you are standing.

Finally, I want you to be able to point out some water near the school and near your home. <img
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