myfriends Courtney
For the class of 2001, My friends!!!

Hey~ wassup? This is just a page for you guys!practicly shout outs:o)

Amy~ hey! whats up b/f/f? how you and drew? u guys make sucha cute couple. lol, we have 2 follow thoes friend rules you made up! :o) can you believe this is our last year together? i cant. you have to go to Fenwick!!!!!!!:o) i know what im getting you for christmas...pickels and homemade cookies. lol. i brought you that basket of food and you and megan ate all of it, lol. well, ill ttyl. BiBiBff.

Megz~ hey! god, i almost killed you! "o ya i won dave tickets!!" geezzzee!!!!!!! lolololol "but i have more on one side........." lololol. we have to go to NE!! or Mexico!! anything to get away from OP!! ahhhhhhh. well. ttyl. bibibibibi

vaness~ hey. "b-a-d-s-o-n-g  bad song bad song! g-double o-d-s-o-n-g good song! good song!" lololol we have to go to Osco!!!! or that furniture store agian!!!

Dani~ how are things with you and nicky? r they ok now??? i hope so! i cant wait till christmas!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh! this is our last year together!! can you believe it? but next year we r gonna b @ Fenwick, yay!!! thankx for helping me pick out somthing for the dance!! well, luv ya. bibibibff

Jeni~ hey! whats up? we havnt been running in sooooo long! i cant wait till graduation! so next year is france! i am sooooo there! :o) well, ttyl. bibibi

Meg~ hey doll. hows acting goin? when r we gonna go on another trip? we have to go shopping!!!! well, ttyl. c y lata!!

Josie~ hey jo, whats up? who you like now? still Carlini? j/k!!! so you still on Berto's shit list??? lol.

Shannon~ hey!! we have to go eat some giant jawbreakers, go to old navy and try on some cloths(that r 5 sizes to small) and go take down some pple in sports, lol. fun fun fun!!:o)

Drew~ hey, your a fruit! hows florida? what did you shoot on TPC? well, ttyl, c ya loser!

Katie~ so r we doin somthin w/mike B. on friday?? lol. i hurd hes hott now! :o) hows danny? did you get him a b-day gift yet? lol

Jess~ hey! whats up? happy thanksgiving!! dont eat to much! we have to go out for ice cream or to Jewel. lol:o) im not a dumb blond any more:o( i got artifical intelegence:o)
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