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Sup dawg,
   N*M*H* just chillin' in study hall. I have so many songs stuck in my head and I am trying to write and it is making it very difficult.  Have you heard : BYE BYE BYE or SPACE COWBOY or IT MAKES ME ILL?  Well those are the songs that I have stuck in my head.  For all those who know I wanted to make state winner perfect and were praying for me,  I actually made it.  I made swp all three years.  I also plan on going to state all three years in youth. Hey I know no one will go to this site but if you do go to my website then you will see the begining of me page.  Tell me what you think by writing to me at Well I G2G feed my pet kangaroo.
   see ya peeps

to girls: L.Y.L.AS.
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