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  The beast of the sea has come.
Name: I can't tell you my real name, but I go by Ataya (uh-tay-yuh).

Age: 12

Birthday: Agust 12, 1988, 3: 25 AM

Gender: F

Grade: 7th

School: (Can't tell you) Junior High

Description: Aqua blue eyes, light brown hair to shoulders, tan skin, normal weight, 5' 3", thin glasses (yes, I wear glasses!!), total genius (how true, LOL)

Favorite Pokémon: screenname is VulpixTrainer444, I think it's Vulpix. And Vaporeon. And Lugia.

Least Favorite Pokémon: Zubat, Togepi

Hobbies: Drawing Pokémon, drawing animé style, computer, doing 3-D pictures on computer, Pokémon (just call me Miss Pokéfreak), Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, writing stories, Basketball, Soccer, Showing off by speaking Spanish (LOL)

Favorite Animés: Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo

Least Favorite Animés: Digimon (DIE!!!), Monster Rancher (DIE!!!)


Favorite Food: Any Chinese/Mexican Food

Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes, Squash, Peppers, Onioins

Favorite Color: Blue and Yellow, tropical colors

Favorite Movies: Pokémon: The Power of One, Tomorrow Never Dies, Mission: Impossible 2, The World Is Not Enough, The Sixth Sense

Country: Well, I live in WV, USA, but my family came from Ireland, the UK, and Native Americans

That's all about me. I gave you a bunch of useless information about me.

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