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  1.  The SECRETS of this week's Mystery Root Word
      This week's Mystery Root Word is jacio, jactumJacio, jactum are two tenses of the Latin verb jacere meaning throw; lie. The main English stem is ject. Jac and jet are also English Stems. Ject is a great English stem to show how prefixes modify a word. The prefix e means out, therefore eject means to throw out.  The prefix re means back, again; therefore reject means to throw back.  (ject: eject, interject, object, objection, project, projectile, reject, conjecture, dejected, trajectory, abject  jac: adjacent, circumjacent, interjacent  jet: jet, jetsam, jettisoned, jetty)
2.  ROOT ROUND-UP DAY is coming!  May 23rd is Root Round-up Day.  Wear your western duds and test your knowledge in the games.  Play the games below to be in top form for Root Round-up! Take the quiz to test your knowledge!
      Go to the ACTIVITIES SECTION  at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.  The games with 1* only use the roots you've already seen on the videos.  The games with 2*s use all of the 32 roots you'll see on videos this year. The games with 3*'s use additional roots.  You'll be surprised to see how many you can guess! The 4* activities are geared to fourth and fifth grade students.  Have fun!

    Go to the Useful links at the bottom of the page.  Click on Root Round-Up for an overview of all the roots we've studied this year.  Their meaning, English stems, and word examples are given. Great to print and save for homework time! I will update the list each week.
My Quia activities and quizzes
*Latin and Greek Roots
*Play matching games. Test your knowledge!
*Match the English stem to it's meaning.
****Decode the Vocabulary Words
****Do you want to be a millionaire
Beat the computer!
The Root Round-up Challenge
Ready for the Root Round-up? Take the quiz and find out!
Useful links
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