Sub Plans for Heather Elliott, Room 403
Monday, May 14

Please print out a copy of these plans.

Emergency binder is yellow and should be on my desk.

The daily schedule and staff phone number list are on the wall above the desk organizer. Please take attendance by calling the roll.

Thank you for coming! I hope you have a great day!

Monday May 14 is a "B" or "White" Day.

Block 1-2 - Grade 8 French 1 (meets in room 403) 7:45-9:27

Take attendance and report absent students to the office.

Take students to the Annex computer lab (They should be able to show you where this is) and they will find the directions for the day on CANVAS. .

1. Students will take the 6B quiz. The secret word to access the quiz is: restepositif

2. Distribute the 2 packets and 1 piece of paper (grading rubric). Students should read all of the directions for the book project in the packet and on the grading rubric and should at least get started on it.

3. Next, they may begin work on the review packet for their Unit 6 exam.

Other than on the quiz, collaboration is fine, but please do not allow students to work on anything other than French. Please don't hesitate to remind students to use time wisely FOR FRENCH. They are a great group but love to socialize and can benefit from such reminders.

Block 3-4 - Grade 7 French culture - meets in ROOM 403. 9:32 - 11:06

1. If the weather is nice, and you are comfortable with it. please take attendance and notify the office that you will be taking students outside. I usually give the office my cell phone number in case they need to reach me. I usually go out the doors at the bottom of the stairs to the right as you exit my classroom. My key doesn't work to get back in that door so I always end up having to come back in through the gym area doors. So, check your key as you go out.

2. Take the two games of "Bocce/Boule/Petanque" with you, and the box with the 7 sets of Guillotine card games. There should be a list of the teams and the playing order with these lesson plans. When students are not playing Bocce, they are to play the card game with the members of their teams.

3. When you don't want to be outside anymore, come in and show The Red Balloon -- you can find this by going to youtube and typing in KIRMIZI BALON and the video that comes up first should be 34 minutes and 18 seconds. That's the one you want to show. There is also a link at the bottom of this webpage. Have students answer the questions on the worksheet AFTER they watch the video -- like a QUIZ. Don't give them the worksheet while they watch because they will miss too much -- it's a very VISUAL story -- they have to watch closely to understand it.

4. If the weather is bad, you can show the Red Balloon and then have students play Guillotine in groups of their choosing, preferably with 4 or 5 players per set of cards.


To show the film:

Use the clicker to turn on the projector and make sure it is showing the same thing that is on the computer.

LUNCH - 11:11- 11:39

Period 5 - Grade 6 Exploratory French Language - 11:44-12:28
Use the class lists to record absences, then repeat procedure from Block 2 for watching the Red Balloon. This class is only 45 minutes, but meets every day.

Period 6 - Grade 6 Exploratory French Culture- 12:33-1:18
Use the class lists to record absences, then repeat procedure from Block 2 for watching the Red Balloon OR take the class outside for Petanque and Guillotine. This class is only 45 minutes, but meets every day.

Block 6-7 - My prep time
Thanks so much for coming!
3:05-3:15 I have hall duty near the 8th grade restrooms

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