mythology Ms. Gretchen Boone
Schedule for the week of 11-8 to 11-12

Greek Mythology Unit(Part One)

Monday, 11-8: Geography of Ancient Greece
             Go over map of Greece and surrounding areas,
             fill in KWL charts

Tuesday, 11-9: What is a Myth?
              Myth/Reality T chart and Myth or Reality?

Wednesday, 11-10: In the Beginning...
                 read aloud activity, family tree activity,
                 mother/father comparison sheet

Thursday, 11-11:  Zeus and His Siblings Fight Over the
                 Create your own weapon activity

Friday, 11-12:  Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and
               A New Olympian Activity

*Make sure to be here every day! These are all very important lessons and activities.*
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