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Hey.  welcome to my website.  On this website you can play games and quizes.  you can also read my short story below.   If you are looking for some cool websites, a have a list of a few further in my website.  I hope you like my website.  Come back again!

                     The Magic Rabbit Hole
Once there lived a young women named Elaine.  She was 22 years old and lived in an apartment in Pensylvania.  One day she was walking  her dog and lost hold of the leash.  Her black labrador puppy, Frank, ran as fast as he could into the woods chasing a rabbit.  "Frank!  Get back here boy!" Elaine said. He didn't listen so she went after him in the woods.  She kept calling him and calling him but he never came. She found that strange because he was always such a well behaved dog.  As she kept looking she heard him bark.  She walked in the direction where she thought he was and she fell into a hole.  A very deep hole that seemed to never end and that she thougt wouldn't end untill she fell hard on the bottom.  "Frank, there you are.  But where are we?"  Elaine said.  Elaine got up and dusted her self off.  She looked around.  There was a tunnel to the right of the hole.  She grabbed Frank's leash and walked through the tunnel.  Near the end of the tunnnel she saw a giant rabbit.  He was 100 feet tall and that was not including the ears.  Hee had very sharp teth and claws .  "Ah,LUNCH!!"
The rabbit said hungrily.  Elaine and Frank ran their fastest knowing that they would only come to a dead end.  When they got to the dead end, Elaine put her puppy in her book bag and hid in the shadows.  When the rabbit came by, she grabbed on to his fur and held on to him as he jumped out of the hole.  When they were out of the hole, the rabbit was back to it's original size.
                           THE END
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