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  Pokemon Stadium and Snap
Okay, people. Let's face it. ÊN64 is becomming a home for all things Pokemon. ÊPokemon Stadium, the newest pokemon game thus far, is a great game whether you like it or not. Ê I don't like Snap too much (only 61 of the 151 pokemon in all! Give me a break!), but I will have to put it in here anyway, since the Pokemon trainers out there will ask for it by name. ÊStadium, however, has all 151 in it, plus Missingno.(he looks pretty awesome) and Surfing Pikachu! ÊSurfing Raichu is also pretty cool too. ÊThe only problem with Stadium is that you can't win Mewtwo, Mew, or the Legendary Birds after you beat the Castle. ÊI own it and so far I've got: ÊCharmander, 2 Kabuto, Omanyte, and Hitmonlee. ÊIf you know any cheats for either game let me know, but a false cheat will get you in trouble. ÊIf you do send me an E-Mail, make the subject the title of the game, or I might end up deleting it.
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