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National Art Honor Society

Irvine the Chocobo

Meet my Chocobo "Irvine!"

  This is the first ever attempt at a website for the first ever National Art Honor Society at our school.  With your support we may just be able to pull this off!!

  For those of you who don't know me very well, my name is Diana Molina, I'm a senior and a new transfer student. Up until now I used to attend East High School. I was in a program called IB, but after exiting the program I decided to go here. That's pretty much the whole story, except that I was VP of National Art Honor Society at East and upon figuring out that South High doesn't have one, I've decided to initiate a program here, although that won't be an easy task without your support!

            List of Members

As soon as we have more members I will post a list of everyone here.

              TO DO

*Set the date for the first NAHS meeting

*Elect New Officers Including:
      -Vice President

*Decide on Annual Activities, such as:
      -Face Painting
      -Mural Painting

*Have all members pay member dues of $2.00 a year.

*Decide on fund-raising activities

*If budget allows or if at all possible decide on    
 yearly NAHS trip location.

*Decide what speakers should come to our school.

*Decide what time to hold meetings:
      -Titan Time?
      -Before/After School?

*Decide whether we should or can afford pizza at every

*Any other issue not adressed above.


  A special thanks to Mrs.McCrea for supporting me with this project I have undertaken.  She knows just as much if not more than me concerning National Art Honor Society so if you ever have any questions you can contact her Rm A-7) as well as me.
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